South Orangetown Central School District

Emergency Bus Drills

The South Orangetown Central School District annually complies with Section 156.3 (H) of the Commissioner’s Regulations which requires that a minimum of three (3) emergency drills be held on each bus during the school year. The Commissioner’s instructions specify that the first drill is to be conducted during the first seven days of school, the second drill is to be performed between November 1 and December 31. The final drill must be performed between March 1 and April 30.

Emergency bus drills include practice and instruction in the location, use and operation of the emergency door, fire extinguisher(s), first aid, and windows as a means of escape in case of fire or accident.

Care is exercised to avoid delay of buses during times of drill activities. The provisions for emergency bus drills are clearly outlined by law. The drills must be conducted within the time limits and scope as prescribed by the New York State Education Department.