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Looking ahead to the fall, here are some skills that you will need to master in order to be successful in your math courses this year. These review packets reflect review work from previous years, and it is expected that you can solve these problems accurately and with proficiency. If you find some areas more challenging than others, please invest the time to review thoroughly and explore additional resources to help you prepare. We look forward to working with you!

Algebra Summer Packet  with Key Geometry Summer Packet with Key Algebra II and Trig Summer Packet with Key

The Math Department at Tappan Zee High School seeks to inspire and empower students to become diligent problem solvers, critical thinkers, and responsible learners. Our curriculum is designed to challenge students to master algebraic, geometric, and trigonometric skills and apply this knowledge to real world situations and higher level mathematics.  Our Faculty strives to prepare students to become independent thinkers by encouraging creativity, by teaching students to read, write, and think using the language of mathematics, and by nurturing each student to rise to meet their individual goals.

Area of Focus

Classroom Behavior Expectation
Respect for oneself and one’s classmates as well as adult staff should be the priority classroom rule. Participation in activities with respect for answering and asking questions in appropriate classroom fashion should be demonstrated on a daily basis.
Appropriate classroom protocol is to be reinforced and immediate intervention and consequences should result. Expectations upon arrival to class will include a “Do Now” question for the students to answer. In addition notebooks and all learning tools should be accessible. The notes for the day and the homework assignment should be readily accessible for the teachers view. When the student follows the correct protocol the student will attain positive points for his/her class participation grade.

Homework Policy
Homework is given on a daily basis and is reviewed by the teacher or adult staff member in the classroom. The homework should be completed in the same fashion the regents exams are credited, which includes complete work shown. Just recording answers is inappropriate and unacceptable. If a student is absent, a legitimate readmit will be necessary to credit the homework assignments as well as the option to take a “make up test or examination”.

Attendance/Absence Policy
School Policy regarding lateness to class and absence from class will apply to all math classes. The consequences will have an effect on the students overall class grade. When a legal lateness or absence is shown the student will have a three (3) day period to make up the assignments and/or test missed during their absence. If the student is not excused the three (3) day make up policy does not go into effect. Students are also encouraged to get telephone numbers from classmates and to have their texts available at home to complete assignments.

Grading Policy
Grades in the math department are made up of test, homework, class participation, projects and problem sets.

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