South Orangetown Central School District

Many of us – myself included – shudder at the prospect of another “planning document” that sits in a three-ring binder on an office shelf. It’s unfortunate that the function of planning in any organization (but especially in public education) is viewed as an end unto itself.  A strategic plan that guides the actions of our staff and subsequent learning outcomes for our students should be more than “art on the shelf.”  At our Board of Education Meeting on January 11, 2018, the central office administrative team and I presented the community’s shared vision for the next three years and our expected outcomes for our students.  In short, our discussion answered the question, in plain language, “what will the South Orangetown Central School District look like in the months ahead?” Also, “what visible metrics will help us to understand if we have reached our goals?” … Continue reading Dr. Pritchard’s Art on the Shelf post.