South Orangetown Central School District

Early yesterday morning, more than 50 Studio Art students exhibited their work for families and faculty at South Orangetown Middle School. Student portfolio selections lined the administration hallway, which was filled with admiring guests. and guests.

Studio Art is an accelerated course taught by Tatiana DiPierno and Allison Meyers, which encompasses explorations of drawing, three-dimensional design, graphics, line, form, texture, space and color. Eighth-graders who successfully complete this high school level foundation course earn one full credit toward their New York State graduation requirements.

Pieces included in this year’s show reflected a new assignment for students, inspired by a visit to Hopper House. “Lotte Petricone, an art teacher at Felix Festa Middle School, had a show when we visited and the kids really responded to it,” explains Ms. Meyers. “It made them realize that art teachers are artists, too. We’re really passionate about our work and we do art all the time.”

More photos on the district Facebook post.

SOMS Studio Art students and teachers