South Orangetown Central School District

“The true currency of life is time, not money, and we’ve all got a limited stock of that.”  – Robert Harris

Over the past several months, we have made the community aware that we are reviewing how we schedule students for the purposes of instruction. More generally speaking, we want to have a better understanding as to how to use time as a component of improved student learning. The manner in which time is allocated during the day for the purpose of student learning is often called the “master schedule.”  The vast majority of school master schedules and calendars in the U.S. are based on the 19th century agrarian cycle and reflect the antiquated needs to keep afternoons free for farming chores and summers free for the related harvest. What works for growing crops may not necessarily work for student learning – although ending the school day around 3 p.m. does permit a variety of after-school enrichment activities.  In any case, the Tappan Zee High School Master Schedule Inquiry Team was organized to review the attributes of a potential master schedule that will best serve our young learners in modern times.

Heidi Hayes Jacobs frames this task by referring to “time as currency (Jacobs, 2017).”  More simply stated, how do we “spend” time to accomplish the tasks associated with learning… Continue reading Dr. Pritchard’s post.