South Orangetown Central School District

Last week, Tappan Zee High School Forensic Science students toured the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department Crime Lab and Medical Examiner’s Office, where they learned about tools and techniques used by professionals to investigate crimes.

This year’s Forensic Science class is predominantly female and most students report that they plan to go into law enforcement, says teacher Kristen Driscoll. “This was a real opportunity to explore careers in our community. Students were introduced to different colleges and universities and majors that would help them secure a job in this field, as well as important tests to take following high school graduation.”

Junior Teagan M. hopes to become a police officer and said the visit was enlightening. “It gave me information about what actually happens; the way they examine a crime scene, take photos and play out scenarios,” she explained. “Crimes take longer to solve. It’s not like the movies.”

Brittney W. agreed. “I like the law enforcement side of things and hope to major in criminal justice in college,” said the junior, noting that she observed more women working in the Medical Examiner’s Office than the Sheriff’s Department during the class visit.

Paris K. is taking Forensic Science because she hopes to pursue a career in the field. “I like the idea that I can help families get closure and get justice,” she says.

“I find the process behind forensic science interesting,” notes junior Kelcie L. “I didn’t realize how much detail goes into it. You can’t assume that what you see is what happened. Although I’m not interested in it as a career, I do like learning about it.”
Ms. Driscoll and her students expressed their thanks to Rockland County Office of the Medical Examiner Senior Medical Investigator Jaclyn MacIsaac, D-ABMDI and Rockland County Sheriff’s Office Police Division Chief William Barbera for speaking to their class and coordinating the Sheriff’s Office field trip.

Forensic Science students in Sheriff's crime lab Students tour medical examiner's lab