South Orangetown Central School District

On November 8, the French Honor Society held its annual celebration of juniors and seniors. The ceremony was student led beginning with the Officer’s Introduction Performance by Keira Petry and Meghan Scarry, followed by a powerful speech by Jessica Monzon and a musical performance by Laura Pollack. Here are some excerpts from Jessica’s speech, entitled, Rolling “R’s” and Opening Eyes. “Jessica, do you mind saying the colors green and red for the class?” With a very low voice and very pink cheeks, I remember saying “Grrreen and Rrred.” I was rolling my “r’s”. Why was this so fascinating to my teacher? I’ll never know, but it was what opened my young eyes and made me realize I was different. A good different, that is. My parents were both born in El Salvador and the person I am today is all thanks to them.” Continue reading Dr. Culot’s post.

French Honor Society induction