South Orangetown Central School District

Congratulations to eighth-grader Katie B., the South Orangetown Middle School Upstander for Week 16! Katie is “an outstanding young lady who works hard and tries to be an example to others. She pushes herself to always do her absolute best and persevere. She helps other students, she advocates for others by raising her hand and asking questions when others are embarrassed or not comfortable asking for help. She stops to help students who have dropped things in the hall or in class; she does not stand by, but instead she steps up, and makes a difference!”

Katie was surprised to hear her name called this afternoon and noted that Upstanders are people who are “happy to help people without being asked.” In addition to school-wide recognition over the public announcement system, Katie received a Jets Tackle Bullying t-shirt, three tickets to the December 15 Jets vs. Texans game and a parking pass.

SOMS Upstander of Week 16 Katie B with administrators

(Although the New York Jets Upstander of the Week program extends through the end of December, Upstanders for Weeks 15-17 are being recognized early because they are awarded tickets for Sunday’s game. SOMS’ final Upstander of the season will be announced later this week.)