South Orangetown Central School District

It’s a wrap! South Orangetown Middle School officially concluded its second year of participation in the New York Jets Upstander of the Week program last week. The Jets’ school-based initiative aims to reduce and prevent bullying nationwide.

Over the course of the nearly four-month campaign, sixteen students were recognized by teachers and administrators for actively contributing to a positive school culture. “These students have demonstrated through their actions what it means to be helpful, caring and courageous,” said Interim Principal Dr. Chad Corey. “ We are fortunate to be able recognize our students through the Jets Upstander program and look forward to continuing our partnership.”

On December 13, this year’s Upstanders gathered for a photo and to shared three tips on how to be an Upstander:

  • Always think positive
  • Don’t worry about awards, treat others with kindness because you care
  • If you see someone struggling, help them out

Once again, congratulations to all the 2018 SOMS Upstanders: Lily L., Nate P., Julia M. (not pictured), Cade C., Jill H., Grace T., Helena K., Ciara H. Sarah K., Natalie B., Sofia C., Danny A., Ailish M., Anthony D., Katie B. and Jonathann M.

Fifteen of the 2018 SOMS Upstanders in posed group photo