South Orangetown Central School District

Thirty-nine South Orangetown student-musicians participated in the Rockland County Music Educators Association’s Junior All-County Music Festival last weekend. The event provides an intense, collaborative musical experience for students in Grades 7-9 who were selected based on their May 2018 New York State School Music Association Solo Festival performances.

Congratulations to all our Junior All-County selected musicians:

  • Band: Edward A., Alex B., Ryan C., Christine C., Ava C., Vivan C., Bridget D., Diana K., Sean M., Phillip M., Noah M., Roger N. and Marco P.
  • Chorus: Bryce A., Layla B., Megan C., Maya C., Molly C., Catherine G., Isabella M., Livia R., Katherine R., Jazmine R., Fatima S., and Kylie S.
  • Orchestra: Hayden A., Catherine C., Sonia C., Catherine G., Griffin H., Sophia H., Henry H., Justin J., Deanna J., Kierra K., Lily L., Ethan M., Kobi S., and Annamaria W.

Pictured below, SOMS Junior All-County musicians.

SOMS 2019 Junior All-County Musicians outside