South Orangetown Central School District

Thank you to William O. Schaefer Elementary School kindergarten teacher Rossana Rega and her students Luca and Caroline for demonstrating how to use the tools in their classroom Calm Corner!

Luca likes to squeeze a multisensory rubber ball and focus on mindful, deep breaths as he expands and contracts a rainbow sphere. “The Calm Corner is a place where you can calm down when you feel angry or frustrated or sad or worried,” explained Caroline, who is partial to tilting the fluid- and glitter-filled tubes and watching the contents swirl around. “All these tools calm you down. It’s nice to have a Calm Corner.”

Ms. Rega says that she and teacher Jaimie Ehardt created the Calm Corner last year, but that she and teacher Paula Ferzola have spent more time discussing it with students this year. “I’ve noticed that they can verbalize their feelings much more effectively, because we’ve been talking about it more. Students choose to go to the Calm Corner on their own and may stay for a few minutes. It’s a great tool to help us get back on track. When they return from the Calm Corner, they are ready to learn.”

Girl expanding breathing ball