South Orangetown Central School District

Thank you to all who turned out for our March 14 community blood drive, and to those who joined Superintendent Dr. Robert Pritchard, Rockland County Executive Ed Day, Rockland County Legislator Aney Paul, Town of Orangetown Supervisor Chris Day and US Marine Corps veteran Megan Leavey for a celebration honoring our veterans.

“My blood type is O Positive,” noted Ms. Leavey. “When we join the military, we wear our blood type when we deploy. I remember writing it on my Kevlar helmet and on my sleeve because in an emergency, every minute counts…To those who may be nervous or scared to donate blood, what I’ll say is, ‘You’ll live.’ And if you do give, someone else will live, too. As human beings, we can be a little more selfless.”

Dr. Pritchard, a West Point graduate and Army veteran, was honored with citations from both NYS Assemblywoman Ellen C. Jaffee and Supervisor Day, and presented with a plaque by the Tappan Zee High School Blood Drive team.

Group of veterans, standing