South Orangetown Central School District

On March 15, sixth-graders learned about two exciting careers from community members Dr. Shelly Gill and Jeanine Cummins!

Dr. Gill, a forensic death examiner/research scientist, and Orangetown Police Department Detective Dan Ryan spoke with students about crime scene analysis and investigation. Student volunteers worked through a mock crime scene, with guidance from Dr. Gill and Detective Ryan, demonstrating how science and observation are used to help solve crimes.

Ms. Cummins, a best-selling author, spoke about her journey as a writer and discussed how even difficult emotions and experiences can be harnessed through the creative process. Students brainstormed and shared unique challenges they had faced to generate ideas for their next ELA writing piece: a personal narrative.

Both speakers noted that their career choices were driven by hard work, education, and a passion for doing good and helping others. Sixth-grade teachers Pamela Tarasco and Eric Goldstein reported that “the entire grade left the presentations with new knowledge and ‘real world experiences’ that were both powerful and inspiring.”

Students and scientist work on mock crime scene