South Orangetown Central School District

Take your family on a fun and affordable trip around the globe with the Tappan Zee High School Multicultural Club at its International Show and Dinner next Friday, April 12! The event kicks off at 5pm in the TZHS Cafeteria with a buffet dinner featuring delicious international foods prepared by local caterers and families, followed by a fashion show and artistic performances at 6:30pm.

This much-anticipated, annual event is an extension of the club itself, which celebrates cultural diversity through meetings where food and conversation play a key role. “Everyone is welcome and it’s an open, safe place to discuss where you’re from,” explains Club President Hana N. “The more you learn about other people, the better able you are to connect in a way that you wouldn’t otherwise.”

Tickets for the International Show & Dinner may be purchased at the door for $8 per person and $5 for senior citizens.

Group of TZHS students