South Orangetown Central School District

The #SOCSDMentorMonday Facebook campaign highlights community members who directly mentor students on a sustained, voluntary basis through our schools. Through their dedicated volunteerism, mentors offer students meaningful opportunities to explore interests and career pathways–and to develop real world job skills.

When asked why she mentors, Children’s Shakespeare Theatre Founder and Artistic Director Diana Green laughed, “Because it’s what I’ve been doing for the past 20 years!”

This spring, Diana is mentoring Tappan Zee High School senior Sophie R. as part of the school’s Senior Seminar program. “Though this isn’t where I plan to go professionally, it was the perfect opportunity for me to give back after being involved with CST for the past six years,” explained Sophie, who is serving as Junior Assistant Director for “Henry IV Part 2” as her internship experience. “At the end of every rehearsal, we have ‘reinforcements.’ It’s a time for kids to reflect on the work that day and to share the best part of their day. Sometimes, they thank me for something I helped them with and that’s really rewarding.”

“Kids need all the support they can get in this world and opportunities to explore all the avenues through which their lives may take them,” said Diana.

The #SOCSDMentorMonday campaign will extend throughout the spring. Interested in mentoring students in your field of expertise? Contact Family Engagement Center Coordinator AJ Walker at

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