South Orangetown Central School District

Starting this Friday and throughout the summer, buildings and grounds across the South Orangetown Central School District will be under construction as a number of voter-approved capital projects move ahead to address critical infrastructure needs and to renovate key spaces.

“The work occurring now and through the summer months will position the District to complete approved scopes of work to address the needs of our buildings, such as the Cottage Lane modular library. Parallel to this work, we are moving forward with a comprehensive, capital master planning process that involves identifying critical systems and building infrastructure needs and incorporates our long-term academic goals and enrollment projections,” notes Executive Director of Finance and Management Services Alicia Koster. “The advantage to this long-range planning is that it ensures that we are taking a global perspective on actively maintaining our overall building infrastructures and factoring in our future academic needs to continuously enhance student learning experiences and success in a safe and healthy environment.”

The installation of a modular library unit to replace the existing “book room” at Cottage Lane Elementary School Library will be the first project to break ground. Work is slated to begin tomorrow, April 19, and end by early July. Here’s what you should know:

  • The unit, which will be sited just west of the current playground, features a large open classroom space, handicapped-accessible bathroom and will be connected to the main school building via a covered walkway. An additional security officer will be assigned to this access point.
  • Crew work hours will be 7:00am-3:30pm, Monday through Friday, with some Saturday work possible.
  • The construction site will be secured at all times.
  • Construction is not expected to impact regular school operations. Students and staff should have full use of the playground area and parking lot throughout the construction period.

“We have been running a full research library program across two rooms and are thrilled that we’ll have a new dedicated library space for our students in September,” says Principal Karen Ramirez.

Stay tuned for “SOCSD Capital Projects in Progress” signs at CLE and other sites across the district in the coming weeks. Details regarding additional projects slated for Summer 2019 to come!