South Orangetown Central School District

On February 26, the Orangetown Concert Band and Cottage Lane Elementary School’s Select String Ensemble presented a program entitled “Mosaic Acoustique” at the school.

The repertoire was varied and tailored to demonstrate several genres and musical techniques for fostering deeper understanding and listening skills for all students, grades 3-5. Selections of the program included “Fiocco Allegro” performed by the Select String Ensemble, Lukas W., Delia S. and Annabelle S. on violin, Sean H. on viola and Kayleen Y. on cello.

Also performed was “Nurture” by Eddie Fairchild, a composer and jazz trumpeter from New Zealand. The piece featured the softer instruments of Marimba, Vibraphone, flutes and five Flugelhorns to elicit the special qualities that are associated with feelings of nurturing. Fifth-grader Thomas M. of Ms. O’Brien’s class, spoke to the students with a basic introduction to the meaning of nurturing. A special appearance by actress and soprano Katie Henly, recently returned from a production in Brazil of “The Marriage of Figaro,” to sing “Over the Rainbow” delighted all. The highlight was undoubtedly a performance of music from “Frozen”, with the student audience members joining in with heartfelt expression.

South Orangetown music teacher Charles Yassky formed the Orangetown Concert Band in 2000 to present live music programs to elementary students. To date, the band has given over 30 performances. Core members of the band are professionals and teachers from the South Orangetown community and its surroundings, and include Lincoln Center orchestra members (New York City Ballet, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, and the New York Philharmonic), Broadway theater musicians, US Military band members (US Marine Band, West Point), and Tappan Zee High School alumni. SOCSD music staff members William Hughes, Jonathan Rossi and Lisa Kahn also performed, participated and planned the program with Mr. Yassky.

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Orangetown Band performing at CLE