South Orangetown Central School District

Congratulations to the nine South Orangetown Central School District winners of the 2019 Jimmy Hauburger Memorial Foundation Poster Design Contest! More than 150 entries were submitted for this year’s competition, which solicited entries which promote prevention of harassment, intimidation, and bullying; commitment to practicing acts of kindness; and/or showing compassion to others and helping those in need.

Our winners are:

Tappan Zee High School

  • Hannah Jung, Gold ($500): “My artwork portrays a person who is in need of help. Kind and supportive people around her came to her assistance. They helped to break the chains that once bound her and opened her eyes to a whole new world of happiness and possibilities.”
  • Sena Namkung, Silver ($300): “I chose this saying because to be kind, you can lift someone up physically and emotionally. I chose black as the background and color around the hands to show that lifting someone up can make their day brighter and colorful.”
  • Joel Kabel, Bronze ($150): “The artwork is a campaign to stop bullying and to care for those around you – to bring people up, not down.”

South Orangetown Middle School

  • Ava Bourne, Gold ($300): “I painted a person on the floor who is hurt and another girl who is helping her through with love and compassion.”
  • Gianna Tomczak, Silver ($200): “Someone is watching someone being bullied (that’s the reflection in the eye). So, don’t run away or look away; stand up and protect others.”
  • Catherine Gore, Bronze ($100): “Look quick at first glance and see WORTHLESS, which is what she thinks she is (plus the other words written on her body, if you look closely). Above WORTHLESS in small letters that says ‘you are not,’ meaning she is not worthless.”

Cottage Lane Elementary School

  • Claire Choe, Gold ($200): “Even the smallest act of kindness like shaking someone’s hand could bring color back in to the ant in to someone’s life.”
  • Giovanna Agnello, Silver ($100): “This poster represents that we should take a stand against bullies!”
  • Jesse Canter, Bronze ($50): “’Bully don’t kill my vibe’ means like if you’re having a good day, bullies please don’t ruin my day.”

View the winning posters on the district Facebook post.

Poster of clasped hands with text "Stand Together"