South Orangetown Central School District

This morning, South Orangetown Middle School and school district administrators and Board of Education members gathered to recognize individuals whose kindness, hard work and dedication have made a difference in the school community this year. Fifty-six students were honored, as were Mary Cardenas, Elizabeth Skrabonja and the volunteers of the Orangetown Museum and Archives for ensuring that students have enriching experiences during their annual visit.

Some of the phrases used to describe the 2019 “You Make a Difference” Award-winning students included: “always goes above and beyond,” “takes initiative,” “his positive energy is contagious,” “brings compassion and a smile,” “dedication and desire,” “kind and altruistic,” “helps peers navigate a very difficult time in their lives.” Whether consistently holding the door for classmates, volunteering to befriend new students or reaching out to COVE schoolmates and to help others in our community, these middle-schoolers have made a deep impression on the world around them. “At SOMS, we try to give you the opportunity to be part of something larger than yourselves and we are excited to see you continue with this work,” said Principal Dr. Chad Corey.

Congratulations to: Anastasia A., Daniel A., Ryan A., Ava B., Catherine B., James B., Liam B., Natalie B., Sophia B., Cade C., Josh C., Megan C., Sofia C., Alexander D., Anthony D., Cassidy D., Kailey D., Michaela D., Luc E., Alex F., Andia G., Hela G., Nina G., Ciara H., Cillian H., Griffin H., Jack H., Jill H., Aoife K., Helena K., Anabel L., Kailey L., Lily L., Ailish M., Charlotte M., Elizabeth M., Jonathann M., Julia M., Kate M., Kayla M., Aidan P., Kristen P., Michael P., Nate P., Sara Kate R., Olivia R., Cate S., Madeline S., Patrick S., Ashlyn T., Grace T., Kieran T., Matthew T., Tyler T., Alexondria W., and Cassie W.

Large group of students standing on stage, flanked by principal and assistant principal