South Orangetown Central School District

Congratulations to Cottage Lane Elementary School fifth-graders Domenick M. and Matthew P. for placing third in the Greater New York Stock Market Game!

Each year, students in Kerri McBride’s classes form teams to invest $100,000 in an online portfolio for the SIFMA Foundation’s The Stock Market Game. Through their participation, students gain first-hand experience with economic and financial concepts and build critical thinking, collaboration, communication and research skills. “The students conduct independent research and rely on news updates for the simulation to mirror the real marketplace,” explained Mrs. McBride.

Based on their extensive research, Matt and Domenick purchased stocks including Apple, Amazon, Google, Pepsico and Proctor & Gamble. By the end of the game, their total equity was valued at $105,267.52. “It was cool learning about investing and it helped us get experience with decision-making that will help us in the future,” Matt said.

But the duo were quick to add that the experience was about more than making money. “We found that some of our favorite companies don’t allow investors,” noted Domenick. “And even though Costco had only a three percent rate of return, we invested in them because they pay their workers more than minimum wage and use solar power at some of their stores. That investment ended up pushing us over to win.”

“We did a savings unit before The Stock Market Game so that students appreciate how hard it is to save money to invest–and the decision-making required to save instead of spend,” Mrs. McBride said. “All of our teams did awesome research and made money this year!”

Domenick added, “It was challenging and we like challenges.”

Two students with certificates and Stock Market Game banner