South Orangetown Central School District

Students in each of our schools are participating in Pinwheels for Peace, a program through which art is used to spread a message of peace in the community. This year, second-graders helped William O. Schaefer Elementary School art teacher Elizabeth Piteo install their handmade pinwheels on the front lawn. “Now everyone will see that we are a peaceful place,” said Seryn L.

Library teacher Celine Zatarga and music teacher Beth Fox also collaborated on the activity through discussion and song. “It means spreading love and joy,” said Goldie L. “Peace also means happiness,” added Angelina D.

All WOS students will have an opportunity to view the display when it is revealed at the start of each period tomorrow.

See more photos on the District’s Facebook page and follow our schools’ Pinwheels for Peace efforts on social media: @WOSNews (Instagram), @CottageLaneES (Instagram), @SOMS_News (Twitter) and @Tappan_Zee_HS (Twitter).

Pinwheels for Peace