South Orangetown Central School District

Tappan Zee High School teachers remember Edward Forgacs (‘06) as a multilingual student who built an airplane in his spare time. “I have been a perennial tinkerer with regard to technology since my early years,” says Forgacs, who graduated from George Washington University with an International Affairs major and Korean minor, and is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Computer Science at New York University.

Forgacs works for Google NYC in its Internationalization department to make Google Search/Assistant work in different languages and locations and is preparing to move to a software engineering position at Bank of America this fall. Previously, he was a computational linguist at IBM, where he worked on software used by government agencies and banks.

“Tappan Zee High School helped me to discover my passion in many ways,” Forgacs notes. “I was able to cultivate my language ability by taking classes in Italian, Spanish and French, but I also avidly frequented the computer lab–I took all of my lunches there. My experience with our championship Academic League team had a positive impact on my growth as well. It’s great to be around others who celebrate academic activities beyond the classroom and engage in academic pursuits recreationally! It really did shape the way I thought about learning in that I found out it didn’t always have to be in a classroom…I’ve carried that with me throughout college and into my professional career by engaging in hackathons, informal programming groups, personal programming projects with former engineer coworkers from IBM and programming study groups at Google, where we all challenge each other with finding the best solutions and most efficient algorithms to solve a particular programming problem.”

Forgacs encourages current TZHS students to discover and pursue what they love: “Be passionate and never lose your curiosity and desire to learn. Your education is what you make of it, go out and do what interests you!”

Our #ProudTZGrad campaign highlights recent Tappan Zee High School alumni who are excelling in an area that is directly connected to their academic and/or school-based extracurricular pursuits at TZHS.

TZHS alumnus Edward Forgacs standing at white podium with Google sign behind him