South Orangetown Central School District

On Friday, the Tappan Zee High School Girls Varsity Basketball team “signed” a new member, Klaudia K., a local twelve-year-old who is battling pediatric brain cancer. “I like being part of a team and can’t wait to come to a game,” said the new recruit.

Klaudia was matched with the Dutchmen through the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation’s Adopt a Child program. “Friends of Jaclyn was created to enhance the quality of life of children with pediatric cancer because these children are kids first,” explained Foundation Founder and President Denis Murphy at the signing ceremony. “When a team adopts a child, it commits to providing moral support during treatment which can be the darkest time in a child’s life.”

“We are excited to have Klaudia on the team!” exclaimed MacKenzie S., a team captain. “She’ll sit with us during games and practices and we look forward to building a relationship so that we can be there to support her.”

Klaudia’s mom, Ana, attended Friday’s event. “This is a great experience for Klaudia. Since her diagnosis at age 9, she has had to be scanned every 6 months and can no longer participate in contact sports. To have all these new teammates is so important to her and will help her through tough times she may face in the future.”

“We are always looking to incorporate character education and good citizenship into our athletic program,” said Coach Riley Chevier. “Our athletes love to give back and the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation is a perfect fit for our team. Klaudia is a Dutchman now and we look forward to seeing her at practices and games.”

Wishing the entire team a great season!

TZHS Girls Basketball Team "signs" New Member