South Orangetown Central School District

Last Friday, Tappan Zee High School English Regents, Honors and Senior Seminar classes celebrated the presentation of students’ Senior Portfolios, personal collections of writing samples curated during the fall semester.

“The Senior Portfolio is a chance for students at all levels to showcase their best writing pieces after a full process of drafting, editing and revising. It contains pieces ranging from literary responses to personal essays and reflections. Students also have the opportunity to include pieces going all the way back to kindergarten,” explained English teacher Laura Sorrese Lefkow. “One of the most rewarding parts of the process is seeing students share their work and provide positive feedback to one another. It is truly a culminating experience for our seniors that builds a wonderful sense of community.”

With their final semester of high school fast approaching, students said that taking time to look back at what they’ve accomplished was meaningful. Jess D. created a scrapbook-style portfolio of her work as a keepsake and noted, “I wanted something to look back on and possibly show my kids.”

Nicole C. included her college essay in the portfolio. “It was very telling about about myself,” she said. “My theme was to persevere and I am grateful for this opportunity to reflect on my work.”

“This assignment really gives students the chance to appreciate their growth as writers,” said English teacher Alexandros Tsironis. “A lot of the pieces are personal reflections on pivotal moments in their lives. The portfolio gives them a chance to put it all together in a way that shows their individuality, creativity and passion.”

Senior Portfolio Day