South Orangetown Central School District

Eighth-grade Technology students spoke with London-based artist Kristian Evju on Wednesday and toured the studio he is currently sharing with his father, Tor Einar Evju, in Norway. Evju specializes in graphite drawings and paintings based on historical photography. His work is currently on exhibit at C24 Gallery in New York.

Evju discussed the materials, techniques and tools he and his father use and brought students outside for a view of the farm and the late fall landscape. Technology students have been sketching as a means to investigate and understand different technologies, as well as to understand drawings as tools for design and communication.

“We consider imagination and creativity and how these are vital ingredients in the design process. As an artist, Kristian’s work depends on these two ingredients every day,” explained South Orangetown Middle School Technology teacher Louis Chugranis. “Denise, one of my students, mentioned that her Uncle Kristian was an artist. We looked at his drawings online and noticed that many of his pieces include representations of furniture and architecture, which we use on a daily basis. His materials are similar to the ones we use in class, but more varied and specialized. Kristian also talked about developing a visual vocabulary which we are working on through our sketches and website development.”

At the end of the session, Denise approached the smartboard to wave to her uncle and grandfather. “I’m from a family with a lot of artists,” she said. “We usually travel to Norway two or three times a year and I paint and draw there.”

Thank you to both Kristian Evju and Tor Einar Evju for discussing their work and creative process with our students!

Artist Kristian Evju Zooms with SOMS tech students