South Orangetown Central School District

Message from WOS and CLE:

Our focus for this trimester was transitioning back into our school (and virtual) classrooms and supporting our school and classroom communities. Students and teachers have needed time to adjust to the new norms of learning and teaching, and we are proud of the way everyone has worked together to stay safe and learn together.

Our standards for the first report card have been updated to reflect the amount of instruction that students have had, which has been impacted by the Pandemic. Our teachers and staff are working diligently to support the academic needs of all of our students.

Our first trimester Report Cards will be accessible this year on PowerSchool at 4:00PM on Tuesday, December 8. Hard copies of Report Cards will not be mailed home. Progress reports and Special Education Progress Reports will be mailed home on December 8.

Our report to parents and caregivers is designed to link your child’s performance with New York State learning standards. Periodically, we will provide feedback to you by describing your child’s work habits and specific learning behaviors using the following numerical indicators:

4 Exceeds grade level standards
3 Meets grade level standards
2 Approaches grade level standards
1 Does not meet grade level standards NA Not assessed at this time

C – Consistently
P – Progressing
I – Improvement needed

View this information as a PDF in English | Spanish.

Detailed instructions on how to access report cards are available in English and Spanish and are also provided in the brief video below.

  • To access video captions in English, click on the “CC” box in the lower right corner of the video frame for English.
  • To access video captions in Spanish, click on the ⚙️(Settings) in the lower right corner of the video box, then click on the > for “Subtitles/Captions” and select “Spanish (United States).”