South Orangetown Central School District

Congratulations to Tappan Zee High School science teacher Nicole Farish on being awarded a Zeiss Science Classroom Outreach Program for Educators (SCOPEs) Grant, which provides the school with laboratory equipment valued at $3,800! Delivery of a brand-new Zeiss Primo Star microscope, an Axiocam 208 Color Microscope camera and software is scheduled for this month.

Farish plans to use the equipment with her Honors Living Environment and Anatomy and Physiology students. “These are excellent tools to help students see microscopic images while learning remotely–and even when we are all face-to-face again!” she says. “It has been challenging to educate students during our hybrid model because students don’t have access to classroom microscopes.”

For the past several months, Farish has used her cell phone to take photos of images using the traditional, non-digital microscopes which she then uploaded to share with students via Zoom–a cumbersome process. “This new digital upgrade allows for more vivid, clear images and the technology connects to my laptop so that I can easily show images during class Zoom sessions. Students can even download image files and use them as part of their data when completing labs and lab reports. I’ll be integrating this more effective and engaging component into all lessons that cover cells, tissue types, muscles and muscle fibers and body systems,” she adds.

Providing students with the best experience possible is a priority, despite the pandemic. “I believe that you cannot really learn biology unless you DO biology. With this new technology, I come a little closer to offering students a more authentic experience while they learn from home,” explains Farish.

TZHS science teacher Nicole Farish