South Orangetown Central School District

Following is important Athletics information for Wednesday, February 3:

Boys Basketball APP Qualifiers and Grades 9-12 for JV and Varsity
3:15-5:15PM TZHS Gyms
(9th graders can try out for JV & Varsity, but if trying out for Freshmen team only, that tryout will be later in the week).

Competitive Cheerleading APP Qualifiers and Grade 9
3:30-5:00PM SOMS Gym

Competitive Cheerleading: Grades 10-12
5:30-7:00PM SOMS Gym

Girls Basketball APP Qualifiers and Grades 9-12
5:30-7:30PM TZHS Gyms

Ice Hockey APP Qualifiers and Grades 9-12
3:15-4:00PM at TZHS flag circle
(meeting & dry land workout)

Wrestling APP Qualifiers and Grades 9-12
3:15-4:45 PM Wrestling Room (workouts to take place in wrestling room & Fitness Center)

In addition:

  • Only APP Qualifiers for Grades 7 and 8 may try out at the high school level
  • All student athletes must wear a mask
  • All student athletes must fill out the Athlete Pre-Screening Form, which is also posted on the TZ Athletics website
  • All student athletes must do a temperature check before entering the facility:
    • Dutchmen Arena entrance at TZHS
    • Lower lot security entrance at SOMS
  • Please bring your own water and mark it clearly
  • Drop offs and pickups should be as close to the time as possible to allow for clearing of gyms for cleaning and to avoid having too many people in one place

No spectators will be permitted indoors for tryouts or contests, with the exception of a single senior day celebration per sport as per Section 1 rules.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics Bill Pilla at