South Orangetown Central School District

Tappan Zee High School senior Sena Namkung is partnering with Principal Rudy Arietta to produce the #ThisIsTZ Instagram campaign to highlight the diverse and “under-the-radar” accomplishments of students and staff. The campaign will kick off later this week.

Sena has been a TZHS Cheerleading athlete for the past four years and is currently a varsity co-captain. She is a member of the Symphonic Wind Ensemble and has participated in two TZ Players productions (“The Drowsy Chaperone and “Pride and Prejudice”). Sena is also a talented visual artist; in 2019, she won the cover and mural competition for the school’s World Language Journal and earned awards for her submissions to the Jimmy Hauburger Memorial Poster Contest her freshman and sophomore year.

As a senior athlete, Sena says that she had been looking forward to her senior fall and winter seasons since the moment she first put on her uniform freshman year. “I miss hearing the loud fan section and the bright Friday night lights, but most importantly, I miss seeing everyone together. Football games are just a whole different, beautiful atmosphere,” she explains.

Sena took on #ThisIsTZ as her Senior Seminar project to explore her interests in media and plans to study journalism and television broadcasting at Ithaca College starting this fall. Through this project, she hopes to learn to develop interesting and engaging content and become more comfortable interviewing others. “All of the experiences I have had at TZ have been extremely rewarding, and I hope I will be able to make more memories throughout the last few months that I am here,” she notes.

Stay tuned to the Tappan Zee High School (@tappan_zee_hs) Instagram feed starting this week to learn more about our students via the #ThisIsTZ campaign.

Sena Namkung