South Orangetown Central School District

Angela Cervantes, author of the Pick A Reading Partner program 2021 book, “Me, Frida and the Secret of the Peacock Ring,” Zoomed with our students in grades K through 5 today!

During the virtual author visit, Cervantes shared that she wanted to be a writer from an early age and would often write sequels to her favorite books. She described her inspiration and research process for writing “Me, Frida and the Secret of the Peacock Ring” and hinted about a second book.

Cervantes responded to a number of thoughtful student questions, including one from a third-grader eager to encourage his friends to read more. “Let’s flip the idea that they don’t like to read: maybe they just haven’t found the right book yet. Help them find that book.”

Cervantes’ visit was the culmination of a month of book-related reading, lessons, events and activities in our schools and across our community. For more PARP posts, check out our Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Author Angela Cervantes Zooms with fourth-graders