South Orangetown Central School District

#ProudTZGrad Elliot Frances Flynn (formerly Theresa, ‘11) is making her feature film debut in “Shoplifters of the World,” which premieres in select theaters and on demand tomorrow!

The actress credits the camaraderie of like-minded friends at Tappan Zee High School with fueling her passion for performance. “We all loved movies, loved to read, and loved fantasy and adventure. We were passionate about making short films for school projects whenever we could. We got really into creating a short film called ‘High School Story.’ It was our own version of The Breakfast Club. We even recruited our teachers to be in it and they ended up showing it in their classes! We were really proud of our work,” recalls Flynn. “I also participated in the school plays and musicals. A favorite memory is performing in the fall play alongside my sister, Bridget. We continue to act and create together! We’re currently semi-finalists in the ATX Festival Pitch Competition, where we have the opportunity to pitch an idea for a television series to industry leaders and professionals from networks.”

After starting college at another SUNY school, Flynn transferred to SUNY New Paltz and graduated with degrees in Digital Media and English and a Theatre Performance minor. “Transferring was the best decision I could’ve made for myself. New Paltz allowed me to explore all my passions fully. I performed in mainstage productions, stage managed, and directed, while creating films in my digital media classes, and publishing personal essays in SUNY New Paltz and SUNY-wide literary magazines,” she notes.

Flynn advises current students to explore every interest. “Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself because an activity doesn’t fit your ‘brand’ or isn’t what your friends like. All of your interests and experiences will come together to create your path and it will be uniquely you and wonderful.”

In addition to “Shoplifters of the World,” Flynn will appear in upcoming features from Netflix, Miramax and Yale Productions. Congratulations, Elliot!

#ProudTZGrad Elliot Frances Flynn