South Orangetown Central School District

The Earth Day museum in Rachel Yelin’s first-grade class boasts an impressive collection of student-made creations featuring recycled materials. The projects are the result of a class challenge: Take something old and make something new.

“This challenge was rooted in Earth Day which is observed on April 22 each year, although we know that Earth Day really is every day. We have been diligent with our different recycle bins in the classroom; we recycle paper and plastics too. However, what better way to continue this conversation about how to be a planet saver than with a STEAM challenge where kids could create, build, explore, design and inspire others with their ideas?” Yelin reflected. “I loved that this also connects with the listening and speaking component of our curriculum. Children had the opportunity to share their projects with their classmates, explain, and ask questions. Although this activity was optional, the response and excitement in the room is palpable. Our Earth Day museum of the projects made from taking something old to create something new is on display now in our classroom. Kids are loving it!”

Video clips by WOS Technology teacher Randi Nerkizian on Facebook and Instagram!

Boy with recycled Titanic model