South Orangetown Central School District

Tappan Zee High School seniors Samantha Shanahan and Sarah Tung have designed and painted a picnic bench on behalf of the Class of 2021 that, once finished, will be placed in the recently rededicated TZHS COVE Garden alongside sculptures, windchimes, plantings and other outdoor furniture. This original piece serves as a meaningful new addition — and a lasting imprint of the graduating class — adorned with bright butterfly designs to symbolize seniors leaving TZHS and embarking on the path to their future.

Shanahan and Tung began taking high school art courses in eighth grade and value the sense of community that has developed among art students over the past five years. Come fall, Shanahan will head to Montclair State University and Tung will study fine arts at Vassar College.

“We’ve worked hard to design and paint the bench and are excited for the seniors to see the final product,” said Shanahan. “It will be placed in the garden for all students to enjoy–and that’s really special.”

Seniors stand in front of painted bench