South Orangetown Central School District

Did you know: Tappan Zee High School has nearly 60 student-led clubs and honor societies which offer opportunities to explore interests, extend and apply knowledge and develop communication, collaboration and leadership skills!

At the annual TZHS Club Fair during lunch periods today, students promoted their organizations in an effort to attract new members. There are competitive teams, performance ensembles, cultural appreciation groups, 10 honor societies and much, much more.

Getting involved with a club is a great way for students to connect socially with others who share their interests and build relationships with teacher advisors and, in some cases, mentors who are industry professionals.

While the vast array of clubs may make choosing difficult, students are encouraged to invest their time in a few groups that pique their interest rather than joining more clubs than they can meaningfully contribute to. As they progress through high school, students should seek out ways to deepen their engagement in their clubs of choice by taking on increasing responsibility and working on projects that have a significant impact in their school, local community and beyond.

“Joining a club is important for a variety of reasons, including social emotional growth and career exploration,” says TZHS School Counseling Team Leader Kelly Keane. “And colleges look for students who will bring their interests, ideas, desire to serve their community and leadership to their campuses. Those things are demonstrated through involvement in extracurriculars, not necessarily through their coursework.”

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Students at Leo Club table