South Orangetown Central School District

Tappan Zee High School Italian language students spent last week teaching their teachers Italian phrases in honor of Italian American Heritage Month! (Click here to view a quick video compilation of the results on the high school’s Twitter feed.) In class, students researched and delivered presentations on accomplished Italian-Americans, participated in online scavenger hunts to learn about Italy’s cities and artisanal products and competed in an Italy-focused Jeopardy tournament. The entire school joined the celebration on Friday by wearing red, white and green and enjoying the Italian music broadcasted over the public address system during passing time.

At SOMS, students and staff were encouraged to wear red, white and green and morning announcements featured the Tarantella and fun facts about Italy. Italian language classes were held outdoors for students to play bocce and soccer.

“We’d like to thank our SOMS and TZHS communities for their participation and support,” said TZHS World Language teacher Maria Bruno. “We look forward to more opportunities to share and celebrate the Italian language and culture!”

TZHS teacher Maria Bruno and psychologist Brad Hercman