South Orangetown Central School District

First-graders at William O. Schaefer Elementary School held their grade-wide publishing celebration this week to mark the conclusion of their Personal Narrative writing unit!

Principal Sheila Beglin kicked off the event with words of encouragement and pride as she acknowledged students’ curiosity, creativity and hard work. Divided into small groups, students then launched into discussion — sharing their original work and pointing out aspects of which they were most proud.

“From day one of Writer’s Workshop, students are taught that they are writers,” explained first-grade teacher Arthur Gunther. “In this unit, students drafted many pieces which allowed them the voice to tell stories about their lives. Mini-lessons throughout the unit gave students a glimpse into how published authors bring detail and life to their own pieces. Each student-writer is given the opportunity to be reflective about developing their craft — through drafting, re-reading, revising and editing their pieces — before finalizing and publishing their work.”

Congratulations, first-grade authors!

Students gather outdoors to participate in event