South Orangetown Central School District

Families gathered for outdoor picnic-themed, third-grade publishing parties at Cottage Lane Elementary School yesterday where students shared original pieces of writing. Students read aloud personal narratives which focused on celebrating and acknowledging small yet meaningful moments they’ve experienced.

“Writers focused on reflection, detail and dialogue. Each student’s piece is unique — focusing on small moments in their lives that they’ve experienced,” said K-5 Instructional Literacy Coach Kristy Nadler, who noted that publishing parties are held at each grade level at CLE. “Sharing these personal moments with one another sparks a connection.”

“We are so excited to be able to have families join us for our publishing parties this year,” said Principal Karen Ramirez. “Our third-graders have the opportunity to share their writing that they’ve worked so hard on.”

Congratulations, third-grade authors!

Students gather to share writing at CLE