South Orangetown Central School District

Student Leaders at William O. Schaefer Elementary School play a vital role in leading school-wide programming and shaping school culture. In October, with direction from advisor Robin Courtwright, the group was successful in promoting and managing its annual Socktober drive which collected 955 pairs of socks for the Nyack Homeless Project.

“Student Leaders were chosen by their classmates this year after learning about leadership, elections and voting,” noted Courtwright. “At our monthly meetings, they discuss ways to help our school community and local community. They use their voices to share important information with their classes during morning meeting time and through videos they create to be shared school-wide.”

Student Leaders are currently working to educate students and staff on the school’s recycling program and provide friendly reminders when needed.

Delegates take their responsibilities seriously. “I wanted to be a Student Leader to help people and to help other students understand why we do things,” explained Carter H., a second-grader. “Recycling is important because when you throw out trash it goes to the dump, which isn’t good for the environment. When you recycle, it can be reused.”

WOS Student Leaders