South Orangetown Central School District

As a culminating piece of their Show and Tell writing unit, William O. Schaefer Elementary School kindergartners have created their own library – filled with self-written books centered around things, people and places they love!

The library, located outside of Carole Widmayer and Crystal Carrion’s classroom, features students’ books and Post-It notes for fellow students to leave compliments.

“Throughout this unit, students learn to choose a topic that they love and that they can tell us a lot about,” explained Widmayer. “They learned to draw and label their selected topic and add sentences using high frequency words that we’ve learned in class to match their illustrations.”

As this unit wraps up, kindergarteners will move on to the mechanics of writing – delving into writing with spacing between words, as well as sounds in the words that they are beginning to practice writing.

Students show written books