South Orangetown Central School District

Seventh-graders in Stephanie Stehly’s English Language Arts class participated in book clubs as part of their Realistic Fiction unit to collaboratively analyze story elements such as characters, setting, conflict, symbolism, point of view, craft moves and theme! As their culminating task, students were challenged to create an engaging visual representation of their ideas and insight from their selected book…on a single page of paper.

“They had to be thoughtful in their design and presentation process in order to ensure everything would fit onto the page,” said Stehly. “Rising to the challenge, these seventh-graders figured out how and where to include all elements and pieces – similar to solving a puzzle.”

Drawing inspiration from their books, students used various methods of experimentation and design to achieve their final result.

“I took one of my favorite scenes from the book and how I imagined it unfolding to create my vision with sketches, colors and words,” Charlotte Q. explained. “I had to play around with shapes and sizes of materials to make sure it fit the way I wanted it to.”

“My favorite aspect of this project was that everyone’s was unique – each person had the ability to choose and create something different, something that is their own,” added Noah D.

Student shows project