South Orangetown Central School District

Following is the process for all middle school students who wish to tryout for a high school level team in the spring:

Step 1: Email Athletic Director Bill Pilla at by February 25 to request Advanced Placement consideration. A middle school or high school coach’s recommendation should be attached. Requests received after the February 25 deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Step 2: If the request is approved, Advanced Placement Process registration will open via Sportz Ventures on February 28. Student-athletes should be registered as soon as possible.

Step 3: Once the student-athlete is registered through Sportz Ventures, a physical maturity test will be administered by SOMS School Nurse Maggie Keane.

Step 4: After the maturity test has been approved, the student-athlete will meet with Coach Greg Sullivan immediately after school at SOMS on March 9 for physical fitness testing. Athletes who pass a minimum of 4 of 5 components will be granted a tryout. Being approved for APP does not ensure a spot on a high school team.

Please note:

  • First day of spring sports tryouts at Tappan Zee High School are on March 14
  • ┬áIf an APP-approved student athlete does not make a high school team, they are still eligible to try out for a modified team
  • If an eighth-grade student-athlete played at the high school level in the seventh grade, they are approved for APP but must still register for it via Sportz Ventures
  • The APP process is a New York State mandated program for middle school students to have the opportunity to play at the high school level, if appropriate

Questions? Email Athletic Director Bill Pilla at