South Orangetown Central School District

At the District’s annual K-5 Family Math Night, Cottage Lane Elementary School and William O. Schaefer Elementary School teachers hosted a variety of activities inspired by five math topics: fractions, measurement, geometry, operations and number sense.

 “It was so great to bring our families back for Math Night! We’re so happy we could hold this event in person,” said K-5 Instructional Math Coach Shannon Bogart, noting that the last in-person event was in 2019. “Sometimes math can be perceived as a scary subject. With hands-on activities and crafts, this event gives our families the chance to look at math as something that can be fun–it’s much more than just worksheets and tests. We even created a scavenger hunt to encourage students to visit each table and learn about all five topics!

 Activities included forming numbers with playdough, making geometric shapes using toothpicks and marshmallows and a math-inspired card game, “Tens Go Fish.” CLE Assistant Principal Rob Schliessman stated, “This is a great way to bring our families and teachers from both schools together. Math is important and there’s nothing better than celebrating that with a fun math night…especially around Pi Day!”

K-5 Math Night activities