South Orangetown Central School District

As part of an annual tradition started by William O. Schaefer Elementary School Art Teacher Liz Piteo, SOCSD celebrated International Peace Day today by creating school-wide art installations. The art installation is part of the Pinwheels for Peace global art and literacy project, which was first celebrated at WOS in 2016 and now all buildings participate.

Beginning earlier this month, K-12 art classes have been creating colorful pinwheels with images and messages of peace to be displayed outside of each building. This year, Technology Education classes at South Orangetown Middle School also joined in and made pinwheels to add to the installation outside of SOMS.

During art classes, students learned about the various types of art installations and how by working together, their individual pinwheels helped create one large piece of art. Teachers have also been talking to students about the meaning and importance of peace through class discussions, readings and music. As students visited the art installations and “planted” their pinwheels outside of their schools, students were encouraged to think of what peace means to them and to spread messages of kindness and unity.

Pinwheels for Peace Display at WOS