South Orangetown Central School District

Teachers across our district have been restructuring how they teach in order to provide students with real world, problem-based educational experiences that build important skills, including critical thinking, communication, creativity and teamwork. To support this work, our district has invested in renovating learning spaces that are more responsive and student-centered.

“We’re so excited to be creating contemporary learning environments where our students and teachers will have access to what they need when they need it and the flexibility to learn and teach in a variety of settings,” said Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Brian Culot.

This summer, 17 classrooms were outfitted with new technology, furniture and a fresh coat of paint. These rooms are also being assessed and prioritized for flooring, lighting, shades, and air conditioning. Many one-size-fits-all desks have been replaced with a variety of adjustable tables and seating which allow students to move freely from large group to small group to independent work. Here are a few key features:

  • Chairs that are safe for elementary school students to sit in, frontwards or backwards
  • Rocking seats and stackable rolling seats for students who focus better when they’re able to move when seated
  • Couch-like seating that allows high school students to work comfortably on their own, with a platform for their Chromebook
  • Tables with adjustable legs allow the students to see the teacher (and vice versa), no matter where they’re seated in the room
  • Tables with erasable surfaces make brainstorming and collaboration visual and physical
  • Mobile trays keep materials handy for speakers
  • Enhanced storage reduces clutter
  • New wall-mounted monitors and workboards throughout the classroom allow instruction to happen anywhere in the room