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The mission of the South Orangetown Central School District is to elevate, engage and inspire through personalized and exceptional educational experiences that ensure all students achieve to their fullest potential. The district will utilize and distribute resources and programming which promote integrity and fairness to ensure a district system of equity, access and opportunities for all.

Our values are:

  • To challenge our students with the highest quality education
  • To foster an inclusive school district community based upon respect, responsibility, equity and global citizenship
  • To provide a safe and nurturing environment which prepares every student for future success


Notices of Board of Education meetings are posted on the e-Backpack page under “District Notices.”

Meeting information and materials are posted exclusively on BoardDocs.

Board of Education meeting dates are posted on the district’s Google Calendar. Unless otherwise specified, the Board of Education meetings are held on Thursdays at 7:30PM in the South Orangetown Middle School Library at 160 Van Wyck Road in Blauvelt, unless indicated otherwise.

Board meetings are also livestreamed on the SOCSD BOE YouTube channel. The livestream is view-only; members of the public must attend meetings in person to participate in public commentary. Community members may also email questions or comments to the Board of Education at any time at

  • A Regular Meeting is a business meeting for which a specific agenda is developed in advance by the Board and Superintendent. The agenda includes resolutions that must be voted on and personnel actions that must be taken to sustain the District’s general operations. Regular Meetings may also include presentations on various topics and updates on important ongoing initiatives. Public Commentary is a component of Regular Meetings; view Board Policy 1230 – Public Participation at Board Meetings.
  • A Board Workshop is a commentary on a particular topic chosen by the Board. These meetings are considered a Board work session, or roundtable, for the purpose of sharing ideas or for a particular presentation of information. Although the public is welcome to attend, workshops do not have a Public Commentary component.


As a legal arm of the government of the State of New York, our Board of Education is responsible for:

  • Affirming a shared vision for the school district
  • Establishing district goals and setting priorities
  • Overseeing the general operation of the district (including educational programs, public relations, facilities and contracts)
  • Setting educational policy
  • Adopting and maintaining current policies in written format
  • Approving and adopting the annual budget
  • Hiring and evaluating the Superintendent
  • Approving the appointment of all personnel and related collective bargaining agreements/contracts
  • Deciding on the best utilization of resources
  • Setting high standards of governance
  • Meeting all requirements of New York State law

To reportĀ allegations of fraud, corruption or abuse of taxpayer money, please contact the Office of the New York State Comptroller via email ( or phone (1-888-672-4555).

Board Brief

The Board Brief is a monthly e-mail communication from the Board of Education.

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Board of Education
160 Van Wyck Road
Blauvelt, NY 10913

Kathleen Muscari
District Clerk
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