South Orangetown Central School District

This summer, the New York State Thruway Authority began a green infrastructure project at Tappan Zee High School to improve drainage and reduce runoff which may cause flooding and carry pollution into streams.

Installation began in late June on five sites:

  • A porous pavement sidewalk in front of the main entrance is designed to reduce runoff by filtering out pollutants in rain and snowmelt and allowing the water to seep into underlying soil and gravel
  • Rain gardens with subsurface storage on the hillsides along Bataan Road, along the driveway near the softball field, and along the walkway to the Joseph J. Hickey Memorial Field are designed to capture, clean and store stormwater runoff from parking and driveway areas
  • A meadow conservation area spanning the upper portion of the hillside leading down to the Joseph J. Hickey Memorial Field will be seeded with native plants to help reduce and slow the flow of stormwater runoff

The construction phase is nearly complete. Temporary fencing will remain in place around the rain gardens and meadow conservation area until grass turf has been established. Informational signage regarding the project and purpose of each of the features is scheduled for installation this month. Planting of native vegetation is the final phase of this project. Updates will be shared as the green infrastructure project approaches completion.