South Orangetown Central School District

Email sent via SchoolMessenger to SOCSD families on August 4, 2020

Dear South Orangetown Families,

The District submitted its 2020 School Reopening Plan to the New York State Education Department last Friday and posted the plan, along with an At-A-Glance and FAQ, on our website at

SOCSD is preparing to reopen schools with a hybrid in-person/remote model, as follows:

  • 50% capacity with social distancing for students in grades K-12. Groups will physically attend school on alternating weeks:
    • Group A: Students with last names beginning with A-K. Group A will attend the first week of school in person (September 8-11)
    • Group B: Students with last names beginning with L-Z. Group B will attend the second week of school in person (September 14-18).
  • Space permitting, on their remote weeks, IEP students in grades K-12 will be provided with a supervised learning space to receive their program accommodations and services to the greatest extent possible.
  • Students with 504 Plans and English Language Learners will attend school in person on a 50% basis and receive services and supports both in-person and virtually.

As we move forward with logistical planning and operations, we are asking families to notify their schools about plans for their children via this Google Form by 9PM on Wednesday, August 12.* Please complete a separate form for each SOCSD student in your household.

Families may change how their children participate; however, a 30-day notice period is required to allow adequate time for schools to make required adjustments to ensure continuity of instruction, student services and support.

Completed forms will be automatically routed to your child’s school administrator for review.


Robert R. Pritchard, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

*Updated on August 9 to reflect extended deadline.