South Orangetown Central School District

The Loggia Giovanni da Verrazzano #1236 Order of Sons and Daughters of Italy in America hosted its 34th Annual Scholarship and Excellence in the Study of Italian Ceremony at Tappan Zee High School on Monday night.

“Learning world languages and cultures promotes greater understanding and mutual appreciation. We owe a debt of gratitude to the Loggia for their tremendous support of our District’s Italian program,” remarked Superintendent of Schools Robert R. Pritchard, Ed.D.

Six seniors–Kristen Breen, Monica Rivera, Sofia Kallivokas, Julia Milliet Sciorra, Hannah Preble and Tia Marar–were presented with scholarships.

Twenty-one students were inducted into the Lodge’s Italian Language and Culture Honor Roll for earning an average of 90 or higher for four years of Italian study: Emily Ambrose, Alexandra Bastedo, Eden Blanker, Melanie Boiano, Kristen Breen, Endy Carrera Flores, James Cuccia, Marisa Fitzpatrick, Shannen Gotay, Elena Hanley, Carly Jefferson, Sofia Kallivokas, Elysia Leigh, Kellie Linehan, Tia Marar, Julia Milliet Sciorra, Ciarstan O’Connor, Hannah Preble, Monica Rivera, Jamie Stahl and Ang Tanksley.

“Congratulations inductees and scholarship recipients,” noted Sons of Italy Social Club of Piermont (an affiliate of La Loggia Giovanni da Verrazzano) President and Loggia Scholarship Committee Chairman Joseph Stillo. “It was a pleasure to review your transcripts and read your essays. As you enter college, you may feel like you’re at the top of the mountain because of all that you have already accomplished. But keep working…the sky’s the limit for you.”

Merit awards were presented to 50 SOMS eighth-graders and 109 TZHS Italian II, III, IV and V students for achieving an average of 90 or higher in their Italian coursework.

“Special congratulations to our students who have demonstrated their ability to excel and to World Language teachers Ms. Nilson and Ms. Muchoe for their commitment to the middle school Italian program,” said SOMS Principal Chad Corey, Ed.D.

“This is a great example of our District’s appreciation of all cultures. Appreciation of the Italian language and culture happens every day in our classrooms, thanks to our outstanding teachers, Maria Bruno and Vittoria Conway. At both the high school and middle school, our teachers have done a wonderful job of instilling a strong sense of community among students in our Italian program, which has helped to sustain its success,” TZHS Principal Rudy Arietta stated.

Italian has been offered as a world language to South Orangetown students for more than 50 years. Instruction begins in sixth-grade with an introductory course emphasizing cultural understanding and basic listening and speaking skills and extends through high school culminating with college level courses and the option to take the AP Italian Language and Culture exam.

OSIA 2022 inductees