South Orangetown Central School District

On Thursday, June 2, the South Orangetown Central School District hosted their annual Districtwide Celebration to honor staff milestone members, retirees, PTA volunteers, and district volunteers.

 TZHS Principal Rudy Arietta and TZHS Physical Education teacher George Gaine received a special recognition from Frank Hariton, the Area 10 Director of the New York State School Boards Association as part of their Applause for a Cause recognition program. Arietta and Gaine were recognized for founding and supporting the Two Counties, One Cause Charitable Basketball Tournament, which raised money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation last year.

 Thank you and congratulations to all!

Thirty-Five Years: Jamie Fodor (SOMS)
Thirty Years: Anne O’Brien (CLE) and James Drivas (SOMS)
Twenty-Five Years: Christy Steingasser (WOS), Patricia McCarthy (CLE), Young-Ji Choi (TZHS), Donna Grasso (TZHS), William Hughes (TZHS), Eugene Kousoulas (TZHS), Sarah McMane (TZHS), Christine O’Brien (TZHS), and Mark Stanford (TZHS).
Twenty Years: Beth Fox (WOS), Kerri Goldstein (WOS), Joan Hynes (WOS), Randi Nerkizian (WOS), Christy Steingasser (WOS), Colleen Dowling-Moran (CLE), Tara Impemba (CLE), Jonathan Jacobs (CLE), Jamie Sainz (CLE), Brenda Sullivan (CLE), Rebecca Williams (CLE), Debra Dituri (SOMS), Angela DiVenere (SOMS), Luke Freeley (SOMS), Christa-Ann Loughran-Mellozzo (SOMS), Siobhan Maiorano (SOMS), Frank O’ Reilly (SOMS), Randy Altman (TZHS), Young-Ji Choi (TZHS), Patricia Eyer (TZHS), Nicole Farish (TZHS), Patricia Kilkelly (TZHS), Susan Maher (TZHS), Yvette Marchman (TZHS), Diane McLoughlin (TZHS), Laura Sorrese-Lefkow (TZHS), and Karen Hogdahl (District).

Debra Egan (WOS), Carol Kuhn (WOS), Christine Kietur (CLE), Michael O’Leary (CLE), Jamie Fodor (SOMS), Marisa Nadler (SOMS), Victoria Shaw (SOMS), Lisa Lesica (TZHS), and Walter Cahill (Facilities).

PTA Community Members: Tina Albin, Mara Lazda, Matt Tobin
SOCES Volunteers: Andrea Kheocha, Corrine Sletner, Leslie McIntyre, Kelli Cozza, Cindy Caraballo, Kelly Ruby, Kate Macalintal, Dana Weber, Rana Park, Brenda Boysa, Jane Smith, Gloria Wang, Nancy Henehan, Tina Albin, Taesoon Kwon, Linda Walsh, Tracy Defaciani, Sabina Tyler, Cara Stepanian, Julie Horner, and Krystyna Grecco.
SOMS Volunteers: Elizabeth Dudley, Tina Alibe, Roxana Lupu, Lisa Connolly, Alyssa Moloney, Donna Gaudino, Patricia O-Prey, Anne O’Brien, Dennis McNerney.
TZHS Volunteers: Diane Sheridan, Lisa Connolly, Isabel Ryan, Mandi Dunphy, Kristina O’Keefe, Matt Tobin, Nicole Glazer, Joey Gottlieb, Vanessa Lapins, Ed LoPresti, Jen Citrolo, Rebecca Schmidt, Michael Morales, and Jennifer Bourne.
SOCSD Athletics Volunteers: Will Fox, Kerri Cunney, Mark Albert, James Sanchez, Wayne Roimisher, and the South Orangetown Ambalance Corps.
Audit and Finance Committee: Thomas Donohue, Constance Francabandera, Camille Fremont-Rich, and Mary Hartnett.
Family Engagement Center Volunteers CORE Food Pantry Team: Evan Karzhevsky, A.J. Walker, Jack Rallo, Lillian Croyle, Annie Scott, Jackie Garrecht, Bobbie-Angela Wong, Lisa Jacobs, Heidi Hill, Joseph Lloyd, Christopher Lamadrid, Isabella Lamadrid, Anne O’Brien, and Maria Martinez.
Family Engagement Center Food Pantry Partners and Supporters: Canzona’s Market, Joe Sera, Wefern, Lamadrid Family, Peter Byrne & Orangeburg Fire Department, Gail Martin, Jaclyn Nandlal, Karzhevsky Family, Chris & Dan Fuller, Carol Knudson, and Carol Baxter.

District Celebration