South Orangetown Central School District

Students from Cottage Lane Elementary School visited Tallman Mountain State Park as part of their annual outdoor education day last week!

 The Earth Day inspired outdoor education day is organized by CLE Technology Education teacher Jacob Tanenbaum and features various stations and hands-on activities that aim to teach students about our environment. “It’s so critical to connect our children to our community and to use our local resources to teach our students,” said Tanenbaum. “Volunteers from organizations such as Keep Rockland Beautiful, SUEZ Water, Orange & Rockland, and Columbia University’s Lamont Doherty help us every year as we host this event. I am so grateful to everyone that works to put this event together each year so our students can learn about the environment they live in.”

 One of the new partners for this year’s Earth Day is an organization associated with the Hudson Valley Humane Society, The Turtles of Western Highway. “I have been working with the Turtles of Western Highway organization and I am so happy to have them here to teach our students how they can help with the turtle migration that’s happening right in their backyard,” Tanenbaum explained.

 Thank you to all of the staff and volunteers that helped make the CLE 2022 Earth Day a success!

CLE Earth Day